$100 watermelon anyone?

Here, in Japan, the cheapest small-ish watermelon I have seen costs around $30.

I remember once buying nice big watermelons down in Ukraine for $2-$3…

And what about the square watermelons? Anyone tried them? They cost around a 100 bucks each!

Or the dark-skinned Densuke watermelons? The first batch in 2005 went for 280,000yen (roughly $2,800).

Square Watermelongs


4 responses to “$100 watermelon anyone?

  1. I’ve bought watermelons for 400-500 yen… the trick is to get them at a normal supermarket, or shotengai fruit stand or the like, and not at the kind of place where they’re selling them for the purpose of being gifts.

    Food as gift culture is very strong in Japan, as is the notion of making it perfectly clear how much you spent on the gift, so the recipient knows just how much they should spend on the gift they buy in return.

    Fruit is a very popular gift, when bought from the nice stores… and can be quite expensive. If you’re just buying for yourself to enjoy, avoid the department stores and such and you should be just fine.

  2. I know what you mean about fruit as gifts in Japan and the price-tag attached to that.
    Nevertheless, a watermelon in my local small supermarket costs 2,999yen and it’s not even a department store. I live in a very small town, we don’t even have department stores here… Actually, for 499yen you can buy a quater of a watermelon in the local Saeki.
    I’ll check the fruit stands tomorrow just out of curiosity!

  3. I live in the US and am really curious about these square watermelons and Densuke watermelons. Does anyone know how I can have one of these shipped to the states? Im really anxious to try one!

  4. holy moly what a rip of! but i have to admit i want 2 try a square watermelon! :p

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