Tip#3 Feel safe in Japan

The cool thing about living in Japan is that:sakura

one, you are in an extremely safe country. No more fear of walking alone at night! No more Italy style pick-pockets! No more UK style stabbing!

two, if you do get murdered, it’s definitely going to be in the sickest way you’ve ever heard. There’s no such thing as a boring murder in Japan.

You might get pushed off in front of a passing train by a random stranger eating an onigiri.

You might be strangled by your Japanese student learning English and get your body burried in a bath full of sand.

You might be hit by a mini van in the city centre and then stabbed 9 times by the driver with a plastic chopstick that has a Hello Kitty charm on top.

But think about it, if you do get killed in Japan, there is absolutely no way you won’t make the headlines. You mom will put the newspaper in a frame and keep it on her office table. Your friends from kindergarten whom you haven’t seen or heard from for the past 24 years will remember you. Your ex-boyfriend will realise you’re the coolest girl he’s ever had.

Would that happen if you were simply shot in some barrio in NY?

Thought so.


2 responses to “Tip#3 Feel safe in Japan

  1. Hah! Awesome, your blog is very informative, and at the same time hilarious! I added you to my blogroll, keep on writing and I will surely keep on reading :) And the sushi part, haha, that movie is so funny, and so are the others from the same people about other subjects !

  2. NY and others western cities are unsecure .. so, your article seems funny. But anyway, you should keep the idea that Japan is not a totally safe country.

    For sure, if you lost your mobile phone or even your wallet, you can ask the policeman if somebody find it. Most of the time, you will find it ;)

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