#4 The Japanese Mini Skirt (or Why Anatomy Students Should Take a Year Abroad in Japan)


Okay, one very cool thing I discovered in Japan is that you can show as much leg (or butt) as you want and it will never look vulgar.

Another thing I discovered shortly after, is that it only works on Japanese girls.

It probably has something to do with the fact that Japanese girls don’t have much curves, and thus however few clothes you use to cover those parts, it always looks innocently, prepubescently cute.  After all, who thinks 5 year-old girls look vulgar in their little dresses? (you don’t have to answer that) And since most Japanese girls in their 20s have the same body shape like when they were 5, these super mini skirts don’t look wrong.

Now, if you take a woman with a proper badonkadonk, and put her in that mini skirt you got in Shibuya 109, unfortunately, you don’t look cute, innocent and prepubescent. (Yep, talking from experience)

But let’s look at the bright side of things… ! The greatest thing of all, is that this habit doesn’t change as the weather gets colder (or freezing for that matter). So, anatomy students, beware: that allows you to see all the colours of the rainbow that can be shown by the human body on these Japanese legs: you’ll get purple and blue while walking around Shinjuku, then you’ll see orange, red, yellow and everything in between once you get on the heated trains. And bonus: you will also be able to see the complete vascular map of the legs without ever having to do dissections.

Sweet, isn’t it.


7 responses to “#4 The Japanese Mini Skirt (or Why Anatomy Students Should Take a Year Abroad in Japan)

  1. Aha, well, this leads me to think about all the western men that adore the japanese girls, a hint of pedofile drives, or?

  2. @ costic : I agree, western should have pervert ideas with their own child. Not a good feeling to go to Japan for that!

    What a pitty to underline your subject with this title !

  3. in my language curves means bitches… i am european and i admit thath there are some sick perverts In absolutly every place of the world.where are woman and childrens there are perverts,but thanks god thath they are rare.

  4. we western invented mini-skirt ..i would be very happy if all the european and american MAJOR girls would have skirts like thath….. i am a sick bastard aren,t I :))??

  5. Asian girls don’t have curves? Hmmmm…. I never had any trouble finding shapely Japanese and Chinese girls. (Note: “Curves” doesn’t mean fat, like most American girls). The author just isn’t a very successful male/

  6. yes, Japanese girls love miniskirts even in winter
    Japanese girls love their winter miniskirts

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