Valentine’s Day in Japan: Women, make chocolate for the men!


OK, here’s how they celebrate Valentine’s day in Japan.

Basically, women have to give chocolate to all the men they know. Work colleagues (sometimes called “duty chocolate”), classmates, friends etc. I remember our Japanese teacher brought chocolate to the class I had in England, and she only gave it to the guys. (Biatch)

However, “the one” deserves some special treatment. The trick is, for all these random men you bring shop bought chocolate, but for the one you like you have to make your own chocolate.  On the other hand, not all of us have cocoa bean grinding equipment, so most women just buy baking chocolate, melt it, add things to it and shape it into their own mold.  That’s what I’m doing, so I thought I could share the fruits of my hard labor in terms of ideas. Here are some links on how to make chocolate at home without any fancy equipment:

  • A great video tutorial by John Scharffenberger, using cacao nibs, sugar and spices. Here.


  • Another recipe, this time using baking chocolate, sugar, fat and cocoa powder. Here.


  • An interesting recipe, using coconut. Here.


  • This looks a little bit more simple and it includes some ideas on things you can add. Here.

Oh, and boys, don’t forget the White Day is coming…


3 responses to “Valentine’s Day in Japan: Women, make chocolate for the men!

  1. Howdee?
    been some time, hasn’t it?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!
    Valentine’s day is around the corner and I start receiving chocolates, which I usually give my wife. I love chocolate, but my wife does, too and she expects her share, too!

  2. it’s changing now, guys can give women “reverse chocolate” but its all very confusing

  3. the video on Japanese valentines day says it all – obligation chocolate (who made that term up???)

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