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If you say “Bang”, will Osaka people react as if they were shot?


#5 Read Manga Versions of Serious Books

OK, so last month they released a manga version of Marx’s “Das Kapital” in Japan. It sold 6,000 copies just in the first few days.

My first thought was “Wow, isn’t it great to introduce kids to alternative concepts at such a young age?”.

But then, (yet again), it hit me it’s Japan we’re talking about.

Maruo of EastPress Co says the target group is office workers in their 30s.

Now, first I wanted to rant that, man I spent all these hours when I was 17 trying to read that book and grasp the concept (mind you, I tried reading it in the original language, which didn’t ease understanding at all), when these guys over here just take a comic and get it all down.

So unfair.

But then, wouldn’t I want to do the same…?

(Feel free to mail me a copy. Cheers)

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